Ice advertising

Exposure to sports lovers

Ice advertising gives the sports arena a characteristic appearance while at the same time providing the sponsors with maximum exposure. Ice advertising spreads your message in strong, clear colours.

We dare to say that we offer the market’s best ice advertising. But then again, we have also been working with ice advertising for many years and re ned our product.

Our ice advertising is manufactured in a special material that absorbs a lot of water. The water freezes into ice, which means that it doesn’t stop the coldness from reaching the upper layer of the ice. The ice is consequently not affected by the advertising, which can happen with other products. In the worst case, the ice becomes so soft that skates can get caught in the porous ice. That never happens with ice advertising from More Print. As a custo- mer of ours you are in good company. Our customers include the Swedish Hockey League, Champions Hockey League and several other clubs in Europe.

Ice advertising with poor colours is a fairly common sight. It can’t be very nice for sponsors or clubs to see their colours in a pale variant of itself. Thanks to our printing technique and special material, you obtain the best colour reproduction available in the market.

If you take care of the ice advertising it can be used for several seasons. Which is highly valued by the hockey clubs. Something else which the staff at the facilities appreciate is that our ice advertising is easy to manage.

Moreover, we deliver ready printed goal circles and face-off lines in the same material as the ice advertising. Our product makes it simpler for the staff to do their job neatly and professionally.

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