General Terms & Conditions

More Prints General Terms & Conditions


  1. General

 These general terms and conditions apply between More Print Stockholm AB (hereinafter referred to as “the Supplier“) and the customer (hereinafter referred to as “the Customer“) who has ordered one or more of the Supplier’s products or services in accordance with the terms set out below.

The Supplier and the Customer are referred to individually as “the Party” and collectively as “the Parties“.

These general terms and conditions shall apply to all deliveries of products and services made by the Supplier to the Customer.


  1. Prices and payment terms

Information about the Supplier’s prices, products and services can be found at, hereinafter referred to as the Supplier’s Website. In the case that the Customer has received a quote or has access to the Supplier’s business system, then it is the prices given in the relevant place that shall apply.

All prices are exclusive VAT. Prices correspond to print-ready digital materials unless otherwise specified. Any costs for shipping and packaging will be applied in addition.

The Supplier’s prices apply until further notice and can be changed at any time without notice. Circumstances which can result in a price change may include changes in foreign exchange rates, changes to the cost of raw materials, changes or introduction of taxes or clerical errors.

In the case of payment against an invoice, payment must be made within 30 days. In the case of late payments, a reminder fee amounting to SEK 50 will be charged and interest on late payments will also apply.


  1. Product deviations

All product images are to be regarded as illustrative indications with regards to the colour and appearance of products. Differences in the nuance of printed colours may occur at the time of printing and on the product material both across different items in the same order or across separate orders.

Many of the Supplier’s products are printed in CMYK colours which can result in the occurrence of slight colour deviations.

In the case that the Customer wants to have their logo printed in a very specific Pantone colour, then the Customer must contact the Supplier before their order is sent for printing. In order to best match the Pantone colour desired, the Customer should present a document that indicates the Pantone colour in CMYK values. The Customer should also ensure they have a calibrated screen so that the right colours can be displayed.

No guarantees can be given with regards to colour reproduction or colour matching across products manufactured in different materials or at different times.

There is a risk of decolourisation associated with the use and wear of printed materials under certain conditions. The Supplier does not offer any guarantees or provide refunds/compensation in relation with this.

When manufacturing products in elastic materials such as fabric, the size of the final product can vary by margins of +/- 5%. This also applies to in-ice advertising.

The Supplier undertakes to always strive for the best possible results so that the Customer will be satisfied with their products.


  1. Delivery times and conditions

The Supplier’s delivery times are stated in the order confirmation and can vary depending on choice of material and method of manufacture. Delivery times given in the order confirmation are preliminary and are calculated on the basis of the print-ready digital materials submitted or following approval of any updated/corrected submissions.

If no delivery time is agreed, then the delivery will be made once the Supplier’s work is complete.

The Supplier’s production occurs in Sollentuna, Greater Stockholm, Sweden. In the case that a consignment is returned due to the provision of incorrect address details or similar reasons, the cost of return shipping will be charged to the Customer. Any additional costs that result from incorrect transport instructions will also be charged to the Customer as well.

The Supplier is not responsible for any delivery delays that are caused by the freight forwarder failing to uphold their delivery times, whether this be when delivering materials to the Supplier and/or when delivering the final product to the Customer.

As the purchasing party, you are responsible for providing correct address information and ensuring that there is somebody available to collect the delivery on weekdays between the hours of 08:00 and 17:00.

In the case of any damage caused during transit, the visible damage must be noted on the consignment slip upon receipt of the goods and before signing. The Supplier is not responsible for damage caused in transit.

Express production can be offered in most cases but will incur an express production fee.


  1. Complaints or cancellations

Printed products can only be returned if a complaint is submitted and then approved by the Supplier.

Any complaints must be made within 10 days from the date of delivery and must be then approved by the Supplier.

Goods which are the subject of a complaint may not be used by the Customer.

When making a complaint, the Customer’s contact person should be contacted or the Supplier should be called on (+46) 08-544 81 616.

The Supplier is responsible for correcting any faults, provided that doing so will not result in any violations of the law or entail costs for the Supplier which are unreasonably large in relation to the significance of the fault to the Customer. The Supplier is also exempt from remedying faults if they are of an insignificant nature for the Customer or if the Customer fails to make a complaint within 10 days from the date on which the product is delivered.

Orders cannot be cancelled once print-ready digital materials have been submitted or after approved corrections have been provided.

When cancelling an order before the receipt of an approved correction, the costs that have already been incurred before cancellation will be charged to the Customer.


6. Personal data

The Supplier undertakes to only process personal data in accordance with this agreement, our privacy policy and applicable legislation.

By providing personal data to the Supplier, the Customer gives consent for the Supplier to process their personal data.

The Supplier may process items of personal data such as name, personal ID number, address, telephone number and e-mail address.

The purpose of such personal data processing is to be able to fulfil and manage services and for the purpose of managing information and marketing.

Personal data will be stored for as long as is necessary in order to fulfil the purpose for which it has originally been collected.

If the Customer would like to receive information as to what data is stored or if they would like to request that inaccurate information is corrected, then this can be arranged following the submission of a written request to the Supplier at the following address:

More Print Stockholm AB, Orrvägen 26C,

192 55 Sollentuna.


  1. Liability

 The Supplier’s liability does not cover pure financial loss, indirect damage, damage to a third party or consequential damage such as a decline in production or loss of profit.

If the Customer does not make a written request to the Supplier within 10 days from the date on which the Customer becomes aware of a fault, then the Supplier is free from liability.

The Supplier’s duty to pay compensation for damage is in each case limited to the amount that can be compensated by its liability insurance policy.

In the case that the Customer has contributed to the damage through carelessness or negligence, then the Supplier’s liability shall be adjusted correspondingly.

The Supplier’s liability for faults is limited in accordance with the terms set out in this section.


  1. Intellectual property rights

All intellectual property rights, including but not limited to, copyright, brands, images, videos, design and pattern rights, database rights and know-how which (i) are provided or otherwise made available to the Customer by the Supplier or by another party within the framework of the Services and (ii) all data which otherwise comes up within the framework for delivery of the Services (IPRs), including, but not restricted to, software, source codes, documents, texts, programmes, data, information, reports, matrices, definitions regarding target groups and other information, is and will remain the exclusive property of the Supplier and may not be transferred to a third party without the exclusive approval of the Supplier.